Buildings by OOO “VyborgStroyProekt”

Dear Citizens and Guests of Vyborg!

OOO “VyborgStroyProekt” is a multi-business company. One of the priority and perspective fields of activity is service in rent of apartments in Vyborg. Conveniently located in the very center of Vyborg, within a walking distance from the railway and bus stations, red Square and historical part of the city, the apartments are repaired with high-quality construction materials, furnished, equipped with new up-to-date household appliances, Internet access, cable TV. Daily rent of the apartments is a worthy alternative to inexpensive hotel rooms in Vyborg. Their main advantages are: attractive price; possibility of self-service –cooking, washing; availability of Internet and Wi-Fi; favorable location in the city center; convenient checking-in and checking-out time; confidentiality. Besides, rent of apartments from OOO “VyborgStroyProekt”, compared with the rent of private apartments from citizens, guarantees you safety, high level of services, the conclusion of the contract with providing reporting documents. Payment for provided services is possible both in cash, and in non-cash way.

Priority tasks of the company in this field are:

  1. Customer oriented service.
  2. Granting qualitative and most comfortable conditions of accommodation for our clients.
  3. Flexible approach to the rent pricing depending on the duration of stay.

Daily rent of apartments from VyborgStroyProekt guarantees to you high level of services, safety, confidence that the apartments reserved by you will be ready for you at the agreed time.